Your Home Value Can Be Determined By Its Exterior

One crazy statistic is that exterior services done to a home, such as landscaping, siding, roofing, concrete driveways, and more could boast a 150% return on investment on the services that were rendered.  For example, spending $10,000 on a backyard landscape complete with a patio, fire pit, and seating wall could potentially net you $15,000 on the resale of your home.  This is all “tongue-in-cheek”, however even if one is able to obtain a breakeven with their expenditures on their home, this is a win because they got to experience the product they purchased such as a backyard patio and enjoy the outdoor space for free essentially. Ways To Maintain Home Value There are dozens of methods you can use to maintain or increase home value aside from the landscaping example from above.  Here are five: 1. Keep The Lawn In Order It doesn’t have to be up to spec like a major league baseball stadium’s outfield, however watering regularly and mowing once per week at a proper height, trimming, and edging will do wonders for curb appeal. 2. Clean Things Up! You’d be shocked by the amount of dirt, dust, and debris that’s attached to your siding whether it’s steel, brick, or any other type of material.  You can acquire a power washer by renting for $100 per day, and use soap and a soft brush to scrub away on siding.  When using the power washer on your siding keep it at a lower setting to not break anything but with brick you can run that machine wide open to peel off the moss and dirt that’s fixated to the surfaces. 3. Upgrade To A New Mailbox This might sound trivial but investing a couple hundred bucks into a designer mailbox and plant some shrubs or ornamental grasses around it will dress up an otherwise plain area and can certainly increase the appeal of your home. 4. Roofing on Point Your home’s roof is one of the first things that stand out when it comes to appraisers and potential buyers.  If it’s looking rough, dirty, broken shingles, algae growing on it, etc. then you’ll need to clean the areas that aren’t looking their best as well as replace the shingles that are damaged or replace the entire roof if needed. 5. Freshen Up The Paint Job New paint on your siding can really spruce up the exterior of your home and boost curb appeal.  However, one must shy away from “making a statement” when it comes to color choice.  Keep it neutral if you’re planning to sell your home soon a vibrant color may deter buyers as they won’t appeal to the color and may stray away from buying altogether or they see the expense of repainting and will try to knock down the sale price.