The power of feedback is superb.  Having our SolarEdge portal and smart meter energy monitor in place means being able to constantly scrutinise our PV array performance and energy usage.  The SolarEdge portal is particularly helpful for studying patterns of usage and will be a useful tool when the building is properly occupied and we get our energy monitoring exercise underway.  We've had a couple of glitches getting our SolarEdge immersion switch in place but it will be good when it's finally in place so that we can use our excess electricity to heat our buffer tank instead of sending it back to the grid and using biomass instead.

One word of warning is that when the utility fitted our smart meter (having initially said when the mains electrical connection was first made that we couldn't have one) they fitted the CT clamp for our SolarEdge meter the wrong way around so that it was counting our generation as consumption; momentarily until the error was spotted it looked like our electricity consumption had sky-rocketed!